Taller Comercio C.A. provides manufacturing and overhauling services of heat exchangers, pressure vessels, atmospheric coolers and general metal working, based on national and international standards, codes and specifications, using high technology resources and a solid working team, with ethical principles that guarantee the quality and reliability of our services, offering our customers a reliable, efficient and optimum quality product, minimizing costs and time and providing the company with a continuous work flow, increasing its profits and keeping and excellent customer relationship.

Our enterprise philosophy is based on the following principles:

Honesty and trust:
All the actions are geared toward providing customers a quality product exactly as demanded.

Human Factor:
The success of continuous improvement is based on recognizing the employee as its most important resource and team work, offering growth and success opportunities.

Mystic and devotion:
We put all our effort and will toward the achievement of proposed goals and objectives, keeping responsibility, civism, ethics and excellence at all levels (Shareholders-Workers-Customers).

All company personnel is responsible of watching their work processes, in order to achieve a continuous improvement of the processes and services.

In the constant search for excellence in our services, together with complete customer satisfaction; Taller Comercio, C. A., nationally recognized as an industrial equipment manufacturer, focuses its objectives on: encompassing the design area and becoming the leader company in its area, in domestic as well as foreign markets; said objectives we will obtain by establishing new quality policies, keeping a continuous improvement, investing and optimizing resources, training personnel, building a new plant and increasing the production capacity.
Employees at all levels inside Taller Comercio, C. A. are committed to the quality of service delivered, with the objective of completely meeting and satisfying the requisites and expectations of our customers, internal and external, by means of a solid quality assurance system that leads to the continuous improvement of the processes, using adequate techniques and tools, under the responsibility and active participation of each organization member; which allows us to reaffirm and heighten our seriousness and reliability image.
The achievement of this policy will be attained through the meeting of the following objectives:
  • Provide an excellent service through a competitive quality system.
  • Ensure the compliance of our quality system with the standards, rules and specifications in force that guarantee a product that meets the market trends.
  • Maintain a dynamic flow of information among the company departments.
  • Constantly evaluate our suppliers to guarantee the quality of the materials provided by them.
  • Duly train our personnel, in order to develop their abilities and contribute to the continuous improvement of the processes.
  • Meet the product and/or service delivery times to satisfy the customer.
  • President: Lic. Deborah De Lutiis.
  • Managing Director: Lorenzo Montani.
  • Administrative Manager: Rocco de Lutiis.
  • Legal Advisor: Dr. Pedro R. Velasco.
  • Qualified Technical Personnel
  • Production Department: T.S. Pedro Sarriegui
  • Supervisor and Production: T.S. Pedro Sarriegui.
  • Engineering and Quality Control Department: Ing. Miguel Medina.
  • Engineering Depart. Assistant: T.S. Meriz Herman.
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